Sunday, October 19, 2014


I just went through random stuff that came down my facebook chute and this happened:

My head immediately exploded. (8-bit) kittens and rainbows and stuff covered my walls and ceiling. Here is a quote from the sacred scipture on the official website dated October 15th 2014:
"Due to increasing demand, Brent and Rob have decided to start recording new Legacy Music Hour episodes, to be released once a month. Possible bonus new episodes may be released every now and then as well. So with the new episodes, along with the mixtapes put together by KeyGlyph every other week, LMH users will get at least three downloads a month! That's almost one download every week. The first of the new Legacy Music Hour episodes is planned to come out in early November, so stay posted."
I'm super happy and can honestly say that we here at Save the Legacy Music Hour headquarters had nothing to do with this development whatsoever. I mean here I was, relistening and relistening to the old episodes of the show and eagerly awaiting any of the LMH-mixtapes by superfan keyglyph (thanks btw. dude!) while whining about the end of the show here on this pathetic blog and than casually the LMH-execs slip in some earth(-bound) shattering news ("hardcore nice move!").
Research revealed that the "final" episode of the initial run was uploaded October 30th 2013. I see what you did there! Taking a year off to increase the need in the fandom and than bursting back into the masses of starved out fanboys. Compared to a LMH revival, the announcement of a new Star Wars in 2015 looks like a trailer for Fast and Furious 15.
Anyway, I am totally psyched and have loads of questions:

- will they continue with an episode 158 or will they start into a new era? the LMH 2.0?
- are they going to revisit some of their favorite topics (elevator, racing, new age, ...) or are they going to hit us with all new content?
- what do the guys think about "Shovel Knight"?
- are they going to discuss this new wave of legacy music documentations:

-- Diggin' in the carts (weirdly enough produced by Red Bull)
-- BEEP (promoted by Alberto J. González!)
-- The Player's Score (promoted by Jeremy Soule!)

of which only the first one is as yet available and which is in my opinion totally brilliant

Whatever the future will bring, knowing that Brent and Rob will be a part of it is like getting Rob to join Brent for a night with the Chippendales ("come on, it'll be fun!") or getting Brent to eventually acknowledge "that Street Fighter influence" in basically every track!

Thank You!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Today as I was browsing through my list of podcasts which I currently listen to, I came across the LMH again. I clicked it. The little text besides the latest episode said something like "latest update - half a year ago". I clicked the refresh button. The app showed me some tiny circling thingy which meant that the underlying algorithms tried to fetch more recent episodes. After a while the circling movement stopped. Nothing happened. There were no newer episodes available because there aren't any.

I remembered what I was doing and where I was, when I listened to this final episode. It was early in the morning on a weekday that it popped up in the podcast list. I had read about the end of the show before but did not have time to actualy listen to the episode and realize what was going on.
I was always a little behind with the listening, which (except for the fact that I could never vote on my favorite tracks) was not a big deal since the episodes are timeless. Up until that point I only subconsciously knew what was going on but this morning I decided to listen to episode #157. Even before I arrived at work I had already listened to about the first half of it.
Then there were some useless and unproductive hours of work but my mind was always fixed on the fact that there was only this second hour of the podcast left before I had listened to all of it. For ever.
I didn't go to lunch with my colleagues that day but instead put on my headset and went for a walk. I listened and walked for over and hour which is way more than my usual lunch break but I didn't care. When they played the ZELDA Staff Role track I was close to tears.

Then I went back to work but nothing was like it used to be.


So obviously I am very happy about the latest user comment by keyglyph (LEVEL 11) who announced that he is in contact with Brent and apparently became the official LMH-Mixtape Ambassador!

He wrote:

"We don't know when they'll be released or how, so we can't promise a timeline or anything. But maybe it'll just be comforting to know that it's being worked on. :)"

THANK YOU KEYGLYPH! THANK YOU LMH-EXECUTIVES! I can assure you that it is indeed very comforting to maybe one day click on the refresh button of my podcast app and there will be something new from THE LEGACY MUSIC HOUR PODCAST!


As a side-note: I currently listen to "The Soundcast - The Official Podcast of" (LINK) which is nice and well made and is about contemporary Film, Game and TV-Soundtracks, which I also like very much. It is entertaining and worth a listen. Not quite the comedic and VGM-Gold that was the LMH but then, what is?

Further I very much like "Cashing in with TJ Miller" (LINK) and "Mission Log" (LINK) which are both available on (the brandnew and awesome as always) as well. Check them out! They are great.

So long, Markus

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Almost two weeks have passed since the last post. „That’s it.“ you might be inclined to think „Now the guy has lost interest. That’s how it always goes. As soon as something great ceases to exist, some weirdo fanboy tries to ride on the wave of success by creating some halfhearted website to presumably revive the thing but what he actually wants is once in his life getting some peer praise or at least recognition of his existence. We’ve seen it happen a thousand times and it always follows the same pattern: After what seems to be a highly motivated start the amount of posts drops dramatically and never reaches numbers as high as let’s say ten or so.

Not here!

At least I made it to eleven. And I’m not doing it for recognition or any other selfish reason besides the selfish wish to have my favorite podcast back.

It has been a weird time these past 5 months since the release of the last episode. Dipping into some new podcasts, listening to the odd episode of LMH-fan’s follow up VGM shows. But what remains is this emptiness that comes with the knowledge that there probably won’t be new episodes of the Legacy Music Hour anytime soon. It’s sobering. Of course we can re-listen to old episodes over and over again and they are still great regardless of how often we listen to them. But it’s a finite collection despite out there being so much more material which could be explored. No Elevator or New Age Music 4. No weekly VGM wizardry.

On the pro side the music will still be around and if Brent and Rob were to decide on day to continue the show they could just do it like that. Video Game Music is never out of date or style hence the popularity of the LMH some 20 to 30 years after some of the tracks’ initial release.

Maybe this blog won’t make that happen. Maybe it’s not gonna happen at all. But the fans will still be out there. And they will never forget the LMH. They are the people who participated in the survey. The users who sent me mails and suggestions. All the people in the comments section of “Level 1”. But even more of them are out there who suffer in silence. This is a shame and not necessary. Spread the word of this blog and invite them here, where we can all share our memories and create new and fun ways to keep the Legacy Music Hour alive.

Brent, Rob, whatever you do and regardless of a possible continuation of the show, you have created something of great value and you have not just entertained but moved many people. The Legacy Music Hour website is a great source for researchers into the topic of Video Game Music. The show itself is pound for pound outstanding, timeless, and very entertaining as well as very very funny.

Thank you very much!

Monday, March 24, 2014


An update from LMH fan activities:

Somebody opted for “Would even pay more to support the LMH.” on the current survey and it wasn’t me. That’s great. Unfortunately though, further activities by users have sort of dropped below Rob’s waistline and can be found alongside the monster in his pocket. (Fair enough, this one was far-fetched.) Only 5 people participated in the survey which sort of makes me feel a little insecure about bulk producing LMH shirts.

On the other hand I got an (unsigned) email from the LMH mail account which says that if "an RPG kinda guy" was made into a shirt, it should definitely have Rob's face on it. This is obviously what we would have done anyway what with Rob always going on and on about his Secret of Mana playthrough experiences and how he loves talking to a bunch of villagers for hours.

On the pro side a user with the nick JHA approached me with a cool idea. He suggested making a fan-podcast. I’m not exactly sure about the format of such a show but in his opinion some fans could get together (via Skype perhaps?) and do some sort of LMH-tribute show. Maybe present some VGM tunes? He even offered to take care of the technical stuff and editing!

I think that’s a great idea and I want to thank JHA for this contribution.

So whoever is interested in such a thing, speak up. Perhaps we can get something up and running here. I listen to other podcasts and some of them regularly include guest speakers via Skype. It’s not brilliant but it works well enough.

JHA, I am willing to contribute as much as I can from where I am. Joining the cast might be somewhat tricky due to the time difference. But perhaps I can support with setup and organizational issues, setting up a blog or site, you name it. And if recording the podcast is going to take place during your wee hours I might even join in. What do YOU think about a tribute podcast? Let us know in the comment section or via mail.

Best, Markus

Monday, March 17, 2014

LEVEL 9 ("Golf Games and women's underwear" aka. "Elevator Music")

I just re-listened to episode 54 “Elevator Music 2” which begins with the guys telling us that user Gabe Castro (?) had sent over a copy of Earthbound (“hardcore nice move”) and which is obviously brilliant since it deals with one of Brent’s favorite topics. While listening, I had two ideas:

First, totally add Gabe’s podcast to this page’s blogroll and ask Gabe if he wants to join us in the quest for bringing back / worshipping the LMH.

Second, discuss how use of the term “elevatory” indicates the podcasts ingenuity.

The first task is already done so here is what I have to say about the use of the term elevatory: The LMH hosts are unbiased and do not succumb to mainstream attitudes towards muzak – which unfortunately is generally associated with having “simple melodies” (see the Wikipedia article on ‘elevator music’) or being “simplistic, crude, and lacking in artistic merit” (see ‘muzak’ in urban dictionary). Though I perfectly know that the sources quoted above are not reputable according to academic standards, they both demonstrate some sort of popular belief. And that is that ‘elevator music is bad music’ (whatever ‘bad’ is supposed to mean). Still Rob and Brent explore this genre to the max by admitting affection for the specific musical quality of the tracks in question. They open the listener's ear to material which otherwise would have not been heard due to prejudices and quick judgments. Brent even uses the term ‘elevatory’ as a label for cues which are particularly noteworthy and of distinguished quality. Being elevatory makes a song special and definitely makes it good. More than once Brent mentions that music being elevatory is a good thing. Several of the show’s episodes deal with this specific topic and the label is used in many of the other episodes to depict music which according to the hosts is particularly good.

So the show dos not just praise music which is generated by 8- and 16-bit synthesizer chips without the use of any “real instruments” or “live performances” (attributes which for most self-appointed music experts are imperative to make ‘good’ music), it even worships a musical genre which is widely regarded as being bad, boring or at least simplistic. Still the hosts manage to discuss the tracks at length, give musically sound explanations of their compositional structures and (at least in my case) make the listener appreciate their specific musical quality.

I cannot think of any popular radio station which even tries to analyze the latest Beyonce or Eminem product as thoroughly and still manages to be entertaining while doing it. The LMH-podcast and especially the episodes dealing with “Elevator Music” make an effort to properly explore with impressive theoretical insight the roots of great music by thoroughly examining how it is made.

So besides the fact that “elevatory” is a must have in a list of great LMH one-liners (and possibly worth a shirt design) it can also be used to ask you, fellow users, for your opinion about the elevator genre. Do you like it? Did being introduced to the notion that muzak can be a good thing change the way you ride elevators, wait for phone operators or stroll along shopping mall alleys? State your opinion in the comments section and honor Brent’s favorite musical genre by upping the Google hits for the term “elevatory” in a musical context.

Thanks, Markus

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


User activity was kinda slow which I hope was not due to my “heartbreaking“/whiny story in “Level 7”.

Anyways, we received a nice comment from user keyglyph (Level 1) who not just made a few good suggestions on how to improve the investment/jam ratio per (hypothetic) future episode but who also officially volunteered to be head of the LMH-merchandising department by suggesting cool one-liners from the show to go on the front of potential shirts/mugs/storefronts.

So keyglyph, here is your chance! Step up, do some designing and put it here for users to vote for. If your design wins, LMH-fans all over the world will have the chance to wear your idea as a shirt. How cool is that?

To keyglyph’s collection of timeless one-liners from the show:

- "the street fighter influence"
- "an RPG kinda guy"
- "pound for pound"
- "a situational situation"

I’d like to add:

- “it’s jam”
- “so you think you can street fighter”
- “I beat this game”


- “like a breeding machine” (this one came from Rob in one of the New Age episodes and it was related to some relaxing but also disturbing track from Mario Paint as far as I can remember)

Hey! Why don’t we collect the coolest one-liners from the show here on the blog? Just punch them in the comments section and I’ll collect them for a future post.

That’s it for today, CU, Markus

Sunday, March 9, 2014


This one is about how I missed my once in a lifetime chance to be live on the show.

In Mai 2012, I got married to my lovely wife Sara. On the 22nd of September of the same year we took a flight to Los Angeles. It was our honeymoon. On Sunday, the 23rd, the 100th episode of the Legacy Music Hour was recorded live at the Nerdmelt Theater and Brent and Rob had kindly invited fans to show up and hang around while they record the show. (Not a party, just a recording. Probably pretty boring, if you’re not a fan of the show or interested in video game music.)

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had a change to be at a live recording of my favorite podcast.


We live in Germany and have never been to the USA before. Probably won’t be there for a long time since both time and money are limited and the world is a huge place. The recording took place on day 1 of our trip. We had just travelled for a little more than 25 hours. What complicated the matter further was the fact that the wife is not interested at all in video game music or the Legacy Music Hour podcast. And that’s totally OK since diversity keeps a relationship going and I wouldn’t want her to be into exactly the same stuff as myself. Would be (again) rather boring, wouldn’t it?
Well in this case I wouldn’t have minded a little boredom if it meant hanging with my VGM heroes and having the love of my live enjoy it with me. The thing is though: When you are so far away from the action as, say, Germany, the opportunity to be in the audience of the Legacy Music hour podcast is as likely as being an extra in the next Star Wars Movie or having a BBQ with Barack Obama. It’s just damn unlikely. I mean what are the odds that they are having their one singular public recording event during my three week stay on another continent which I booked half a year in advance?

Instead, we went to a place called Santa Monica Pier that day and an unknown road called Mulholland Drive and it was great and we both loved it. To be honest I didn’t even ask her to go to the recording. It was just such a fantastic experience to be in this great country which played such an important role for me during my whole life that I didn’t really want to sit in a recording studio for a couple of hours even though this was the LMH and everything. The sun was shining and I wanted to spend the day with my wife. Off-VGM. Off-LMH. Just on reality.

But deep down when I listen to episode 100 and I hear members of the audience being allowed to join the conversation I get this weird feeling…

Thanks, Markus

PS: Check out the new survey!

Friday, March 7, 2014


Here’s the summary of what happened in the last couple of days. Preview: I received an email from Brent!

But first of all I eventually switched the setting for the blog to English. Sorry for the German stuff. I thought it would do the (Rob F.) Switching automatically if you access from the US. Kinda thought it would be like 2014 or something. Whatever.

Facts and figures: 16 people voted for the 1 Dollar thingy so far! 486 visitors to the blog in general.

Then: Famous user Family Jules (mentioned in several episodes by Brent and/or Rob) wrote a comment promoting his Retro Relapse Podcast ( which I had not yet had time to listen to but which seems to be VGM oriented and thus worth a try. Check it out. Perhaps it can appease the urge for the real thing.

I just listened to episode 147 “Golf Games” again and was reminded that (besides the fact that LMH is jam) the guys sometimes mention a user Nick who apparently helped Brent to find information about the tracks. Who is this Nick? Does he know about this rescue mission? Can he help us? Whoever has the inside scoop, please speak up.

What about the other users who made it into the LMH hall of fame? Sentimental? Gabe? Ed? These are just some of the names that came to mind. Please don’t be sad if I didn’t mention you, special user. Speak up instead and support the cause.

So finally: Brent’s mail. I had asked about three main points:

Funding, Merchandise and how we can support non-LMH projects.

He basically answered as follows (I don’t want to copy paste what he wrote since this was a private conversation):

The pay-per-episode thing is not going to work since the main issue is (as we already know) time, not money. So we may cease activities in that direction. This also means that I am going to quit the current survey about the 1 Dollar funding and replace it with something else. He as well (as was already pointed out by user pendaflux) mentioned the donate-button on the LMH site and said that they would still be glad to accept donations.

About the merchandise, Brent said that it’s fine with them “if one of the users wants to design shirts or whatever”. He explained that a possible solution would be one of the users dealing with the selling and shipping and donating surplus income (if any) to the LMH.

Finally he mentioned his comedy album “Mostly Live” which can be purchased from his website or via iTunes ( I don’t have it yet but totally gonna buy it asap.

There we go fellow users. No obstacles for “Mission Merchandise”. As far as I understood it, we can design stuff ourselves, sell it and thereby make money to donate to the LMH. I’m still not sure about using the trademark LMH-logo, though.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Since I asked for users’ stories on how they got into contact with the LMH and what’s their individual love story, I figured I might as well start with providing this info myself.

I think I accidentally stumbled upon the podcast while browsing the Nerdist website after having listened to my very first podcast ever (The Tenacious D interview in April 2012). I knew nothing about 8- and 16- bit music to this point. Later I found out that I already possessed copies of the soundtracks for Donkey Kong Country I and II by The Wise One since I loved the games when I was a kid and collect soundtracks for a long time now. Further I didn’t know how great podcasts can be and how they were going to enrich my everyday life from then on.

LEGACY MUSIC HOUR did sound cool and I liked the artwork so I took a look. I think, but I’m not sure about it, that the very first episode I listened to was episode 65, “Water and Underwater”. I was like “Whoa, these guys literally listen to this ‘old-school beeps and blips music’?” I was such a fool back then. Shortly after I had listened to most of the LMH-stuff that was on the Nerdist page (as far as I can remember, the show didn’t cross the 100 Episode threshold yet) and I wondered, why there was no material before episode 63. I even wrote a quemment on one of the episodes asking for earlier stuff. I didn’t really get the fact that they had their own website (although they mention it only like EVERY episode). Eventually I found out about and started to listen to all the episodes again, this time in chronological order. I was absolutely bedazzled by the quality of the production, the amount of care and detail that went into the fabrication of each episode and tracklist as well as the continuity with which they managed to release a new episode each week.

Over the course of the last two years, this podcast accompanied me with every trip I took (holidays as well as groceries), every sports activity I undertook (to quote the guys quoting one of you users: “Racing-music is good for running”) and I even listened to new episodes during work because I was too eager to know what’s up. Simultaneously to the new episodes, I listened my way through the back-catalogue several times, always astonished how I missed stuff earlier, always discovering more interesting facts about the music as well as Brent and Rob.

And the personal stuff between Brent and Rob is another thing that makes the podcast so great. They don’t artificially try to be funny or particularly entertaining aside from the entertainment that comes from the musical aspects of the show. This makes the jokes and anecdotes even more funny and entertaining when they come up naturally. Brent’s story about how he skipped school to play a game he rented then carried the level-password around in his purse for years just to lose it again shortly before re-acquiring the game was both funny and entertaining. And the story-arc revolving around Rob’s marital situation with him going from announcing his wedding on the show to getting divorced and then mentioning some possible reunion in the very last episode feels more real, more gripping than any cliffhanger-ridden television show.

Further the guest stars on the show ranking from top-composers to comedians and VG-icons like Nathan Barnatt/Keith Apicary indicated the growing popularity and importance of the podcast in the realm of video games as well as music in general.

But first of all it was the great music that kept me listening on and on. What I initially thought of as ‘old-school beeps and blips music’ turned out to be a great addition to my already existing love for (mainly film-) soundtracks. Some composers ended up being in my continuous playlist permanently (especially Kazuo Hanzawa and David Wise) and I realized how carefully these tracks were composed as well as how difficult it was to create music with such severe hardware restrictions.

Thanks to the Legacy Music Hour I got into composing synthetic music myself (using Caustic for Android which allows the use of synthesizers such as the legendary FM-Synth – thanks to Brent’s hardware insights!) some of which is going to be used in an up-coming iOS mobile game.

So this is my story. I’d love you guys to share yours. What are your thoughts and feelings about the show? As mentioned earlier, feel free to send texts via email to guest post on this blog.

Thanks, Markus

Monday, March 3, 2014


Hi there!

Pretty much stuff going on in the comments section of Level 1. Users griffin and You Eight It! kind of support Brent and Rob’s timeout, hoping for stuff to happen when they have re-gathered strength. Fair enough, but definitely not a reason to cease fan activity on this site. Please be reminded of the call for user-stories in Level 3 (Revenge of Columns) and send in guest posts whenever you like.

User Alan Scott promoted the “Patreon” thing again but I still had no time to check it out. Is this something, the LMH has to set up, or can one of the users (perhaps Alan Scott himself or me) do it for them?

Already 12 people have opted to pay 1 Dollar for each new episode of the LMH, so financing is not a thing made up out of thin air, especially taking into consideration the number of unreported cases (who clicks on a survey anyhow?).

User griffin further seconds the idea of LMH-merchandise. So here is another call for help:

- Who can come up with a great t-shirt or sticker design?
- Who knows a place to have them done (in small numbers at first with the possibility to re-order stuff later) and shipped?

Brent, Rob – I’m sure you’re reading this! ;-) – or somebody with insight into the copyright/trademark situation: How does this work in a case like this? Can people use new material which is modelled after the stuff which is to be found on the LMH website (like the logo)? Or does it have to be like all official stuff and only the LMH CEOs can do stuff like sell tees with their logo?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to earn a single dollar for myself here. The stuff would only be created to support the cause. Any surplus money would go straight to the LMH funding account (which still has to be created, I suppose?)

As you can see, there is a lot we can do and even more to take into consideration. Keep on bringing them comments and opinions, partake in the survey, comment on the LMH FB-page, do whatever you can to support this quest for The Return of the Legacy Music Hour.

User pendaflux mentioned the Switch’s new podcast and I have to admit, that I was not yet familiar with it. Shame on me. But I obviously am going to instantly subscribe to it and tune in. So if you want to check it out, you will find it on and I added it to this blog’s blogroll. As for Brent’s other stuff besides the LMH, (which is mostly comedy and totally hilarious!), check out or just search for him on YouTube.

Thanks, Markus

Saturday, March 1, 2014

LEVEL 3 (Revenge of Columns)

Wow, thanks to the LMH people posting this blog’s first entry on their FB-site, the comments section of Level 1 just went through the roof!

People seem to be ecstatic about the thought of LMH making mixtapes available, somebody came up with a clever suggestion concerning the funding thematic (‘Patreon’ was suggested, which I didn’t know yet, but which I am totally gonna check out) and the person who was on the show as a guest (perhaps Michael from episode 148, but I’m not sure) wrote a longer comment about how the boys’ schedule is all like crammed and doesn’t allow podcasting even if they wanted to.

This is awesome and a great success for the cause since it shows that there are actually users out there who don’t just read this and say to themselves “Yeah, good idea bringing back the show but fuck you, I’m not gonna write a comment or contribute in any way since you know, like, meh. Right?” but who are willing to write a comment and use their precious time to think about LMH-related stuff.

Further, already 8 [sic!] people have participated in the little survey and it turns out, all of them clicked “Totally dude!” which is another little success story on it’s own.

Yesterday I came up with three fun ways to show the users’ eagerness and the strength of the LMH-fandom. My idea is to open up the blog for guest posts, so if any of y’all might wanna say something in the form of a primary blog entry instead of just some comment down there, you can send your post to me via mail and I’m totally gonna upload it asap as a guest post (only if pro LMH obviously).

So here is what I have in mind might work as a guest post:

1. Fan art. You created something which can be uploaded on this site and relates to the LMH? Cartoon/Drawing/Podcast/Video/Powerpoint/LMH-VINE/etc.? Keep it coming. It’s gonne be up there for the world to see.

2. Your first-contact story. How did you encounter the show? Which was your first episode? Why did you go on listening?

3. Share your (reason to) love. What is it in your opinion, that makes the show great and justifies/makes totally necessary a continuation?

Friday, February 28, 2014


This is basically a recap of the already tremendous success story that is this blog after having been launched just yesterday.

So what happened:

I posted the blog’s address on the LMH Facebook page, sent it via mail to and a couple of blogs which discussed the tragic end of the original podcast to attract the attention of the people responsible for or in love with the show. I also entered the URL in the comments section of LMH episode 157 on both the Nerdist/LMH as well as the generic LMH Blogspot page. I further added Alberto J. González as a friend on FB since he clearly is a fan of the show and even was a guest in one of the episodes. Both Rob and Brent clearly admire his work so this didn’t seem to be too bad an idea, eh?

What happened since then:

The Legacy Music Hour themselves answered with a comment to the first entry (LEVEL 1) of this blog, supposing LMH mixtapes, consisting of the musical elements of past episodes. This is great. Not just does it show that you guys are still looking into your LMH mailbox but also that you apparently are willing to revive or at least reverberate the show in one way or another.

I answered with a hastily written comment full of bad grammar, spelling mistakes and gutless gibberish since I was too excited to focus my thoughts.

Later, THE Alberto J. Gonzáles allowed me to be a friend on FB (THANKS AGAIN!) and congratulated me on my efforts with some oh so smooth “Nice, Markus!” which I read out like 8 times in my head. At this point I realized that this little attempt of mine could actually work. That I might be able to get something in motion here and perhaps one day will be in the happy position to listen to Brent and Rob again, talking about being bathed by Turkish men or whether or not it will be fun to go to a Chippendales-gig together. I was really happy.

Finally, somebody else besides myself voted for “Totally dude!” in the little survey on the right hand side of this blog’s web-version. That’s cool. Please continue to participate, stranger!

This blog will continue to describe my efforts to bring back the show. But further it shall receive other LMH-users’ ideas and contributions on how to make a revival possible. So spread the word, send the link, do the thing that has to be done to make THE LEGACY MUSIC HOUR come back.

Thanks, Markus

Thursday, February 27, 2014



When you're reading this, you know what's up. The greatest podcast ever is over for quite a while now. Still you feel this urge for more. You crave the laid-back attitude and calm but insightful discussions between Brent and Rob. You can't get enough 8- and 16-bit musical greatness. You have listened your way through the backlog of 157 episodes of the LEGACY MUSIC HOUR including the bonus episodes several times now and you can't get rid of the feeling that something is missing in your life. For what ever reason, the LMH has become an important part of your existence and the thought that there won't be any new material stirs up this pain in your head and/or stomach.

Look no further.

This platform has only one mission. To promote and acclaim the LMH-Podcast and to gather - with the help of the "users" - possible ways to bring it back in one form or another. If you have any idea how to make this possible, please use this platform to promote it. My goal is to provide a collection of possible rescue-missions to revive what we all have grown to love as well as to amass further options on how to continue the Double-Dragon Boiz's quest for video game score gold.

So let's see how this goes. I will do whatever I can to contact Brent, Rob, the Nerdist / Chris Hardwick or whoever else can make a continuation or spin-off possible.

Just for starters, I want to throw in a couple of ideas:

- I myself are totally willing to pay for new episodes. So if money is an issue, I'm sure something can be done. Users, would you be willing to pay (let's say 1 Dollar) for each new episode? (Please participate in the survey on the right hand side of the screen.)

- Is perhaps kickstarter a thing to think about in this context?

- We know that one of the reasons for the end of the podcast was Brent's schedule. Creating an episode was such a time-consuming process that he just couldn't continue in that manner without risking a lack of quality (which we also know was not a possible option for him). So how could the show go on without him having to put in so many hours for producing a single episode? Fewer musical tracks per episode? Recording several episodes at once? A call for highly professional (in accordance with the Weinbach standard) help in the editing department?

I would love us users to be able to help Brent and Rob to revive or at least celebrate the LMH so please contribute your ides in the comment section. Further (and only with the approval of Brent and Rob) I want to start a collection of LMH-MEMORABILIA on this site. Anything that comes to mind is highly appreciated.

Finally I'd like to state that I am not affiliated to the LMH or NERDIST. I am just a fan who wants his favorite podcast back and if this is not possible to at least take a trip down memory lane. And I'm not a native speaker of English so please excuse mistakes and errors and feel free to correct the writing on this page. This is highly appreciated.