Sunday, March 9, 2014


This one is about how I missed my once in a lifetime chance to be live on the show.

In Mai 2012, I got married to my lovely wife Sara. On the 22nd of September of the same year we took a flight to Los Angeles. It was our honeymoon. On Sunday, the 23rd, the 100th episode of the Legacy Music Hour was recorded live at the Nerdmelt Theater and Brent and Rob had kindly invited fans to show up and hang around while they record the show. (Not a party, just a recording. Probably pretty boring, if you’re not a fan of the show or interested in video game music.)

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had a change to be at a live recording of my favorite podcast.


We live in Germany and have never been to the USA before. Probably won’t be there for a long time since both time and money are limited and the world is a huge place. The recording took place on day 1 of our trip. We had just travelled for a little more than 25 hours. What complicated the matter further was the fact that the wife is not interested at all in video game music or the Legacy Music Hour podcast. And that’s totally OK since diversity keeps a relationship going and I wouldn’t want her to be into exactly the same stuff as myself. Would be (again) rather boring, wouldn’t it?
Well in this case I wouldn’t have minded a little boredom if it meant hanging with my VGM heroes and having the love of my live enjoy it with me. The thing is though: When you are so far away from the action as, say, Germany, the opportunity to be in the audience of the Legacy Music hour podcast is as likely as being an extra in the next Star Wars Movie or having a BBQ with Barack Obama. It’s just damn unlikely. I mean what are the odds that they are having their one singular public recording event during my three week stay on another continent which I booked half a year in advance?

Instead, we went to a place called Santa Monica Pier that day and an unknown road called Mulholland Drive and it was great and we both loved it. To be honest I didn’t even ask her to go to the recording. It was just such a fantastic experience to be in this great country which played such an important role for me during my whole life that I didn’t really want to sit in a recording studio for a couple of hours even though this was the LMH and everything. The sun was shining and I wanted to spend the day with my wife. Off-VGM. Off-LMH. Just on reality.

But deep down when I listen to episode 100 and I hear members of the audience being allowed to join the conversation I get this weird feeling…

Thanks, Markus

PS: Check out the new survey!

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