Saturday, April 5, 2014


Almost two weeks have passed since the last post. „That’s it.“ you might be inclined to think „Now the guy has lost interest. That’s how it always goes. As soon as something great ceases to exist, some weirdo fanboy tries to ride on the wave of success by creating some halfhearted website to presumably revive the thing but what he actually wants is once in his life getting some peer praise or at least recognition of his existence. We’ve seen it happen a thousand times and it always follows the same pattern: After what seems to be a highly motivated start the amount of posts drops dramatically and never reaches numbers as high as let’s say ten or so.

Not here!

At least I made it to eleven. And I’m not doing it for recognition or any other selfish reason besides the selfish wish to have my favorite podcast back.

It has been a weird time these past 5 months since the release of the last episode. Dipping into some new podcasts, listening to the odd episode of LMH-fan’s follow up VGM shows. But what remains is this emptiness that comes with the knowledge that there probably won’t be new episodes of the Legacy Music Hour anytime soon. It’s sobering. Of course we can re-listen to old episodes over and over again and they are still great regardless of how often we listen to them. But it’s a finite collection despite out there being so much more material which could be explored. No Elevator or New Age Music 4. No weekly VGM wizardry.

On the pro side the music will still be around and if Brent and Rob were to decide on day to continue the show they could just do it like that. Video Game Music is never out of date or style hence the popularity of the LMH some 20 to 30 years after some of the tracks’ initial release.

Maybe this blog won’t make that happen. Maybe it’s not gonna happen at all. But the fans will still be out there. And they will never forget the LMH. They are the people who participated in the survey. The users who sent me mails and suggestions. All the people in the comments section of “Level 1”. But even more of them are out there who suffer in silence. This is a shame and not necessary. Spread the word of this blog and invite them here, where we can all share our memories and create new and fun ways to keep the Legacy Music Hour alive.

Brent, Rob, whatever you do and regardless of a possible continuation of the show, you have created something of great value and you have not just entertained but moved many people. The Legacy Music Hour website is a great source for researchers into the topic of Video Game Music. The show itself is pound for pound outstanding, timeless, and very entertaining as well as very very funny.

Thank you very much!


  1. Take heart, Rotzi. I've been in contact with LMH for a while, and Brent's given me permission to mention that I've been editing and stockpiling Legacy Music Hour Mixtapes, starting with the first episode and working my way forward.

    We don't know when they'll be released or how, so we can't promise a timeline or anything. But maybe it'll just be comforting to know that it's being worked on. :)

  2. Yeah! Awesome. Thanks for your hell.

  3. Oh shit. I just realized what I wrote.
    It's obviously supposed to say "help" up there.

    Best, Markus