Friday, February 28, 2014


This is basically a recap of the already tremendous success story that is this blog after having been launched just yesterday.

So what happened:

I posted the blog’s address on the LMH Facebook page, sent it via mail to and a couple of blogs which discussed the tragic end of the original podcast to attract the attention of the people responsible for or in love with the show. I also entered the URL in the comments section of LMH episode 157 on both the Nerdist/LMH as well as the generic LMH Blogspot page. I further added Alberto J. Gonz├ílez as a friend on FB since he clearly is a fan of the show and even was a guest in one of the episodes. Both Rob and Brent clearly admire his work so this didn’t seem to be too bad an idea, eh?

What happened since then:

The Legacy Music Hour themselves answered with a comment to the first entry (LEVEL 1) of this blog, supposing LMH mixtapes, consisting of the musical elements of past episodes. This is great. Not just does it show that you guys are still looking into your LMH mailbox but also that you apparently are willing to revive or at least reverberate the show in one way or another.

I answered with a hastily written comment full of bad grammar, spelling mistakes and gutless gibberish since I was too excited to focus my thoughts.

Later, THE Alberto J. Gonz├íles allowed me to be a friend on FB (THANKS AGAIN!) and congratulated me on my efforts with some oh so smooth “Nice, Markus!” which I read out like 8 times in my head. At this point I realized that this little attempt of mine could actually work. That I might be able to get something in motion here and perhaps one day will be in the happy position to listen to Brent and Rob again, talking about being bathed by Turkish men or whether or not it will be fun to go to a Chippendales-gig together. I was really happy.

Finally, somebody else besides myself voted for “Totally dude!” in the little survey on the right hand side of this blog’s web-version. That’s cool. Please continue to participate, stranger!

This blog will continue to describe my efforts to bring back the show. But further it shall receive other LMH-users’ ideas and contributions on how to make a revival possible. So spread the word, send the link, do the thing that has to be done to make THE LEGACY MUSIC HOUR come back.

Thanks, Markus

Thursday, February 27, 2014



When you're reading this, you know what's up. The greatest podcast ever is over for quite a while now. Still you feel this urge for more. You crave the laid-back attitude and calm but insightful discussions between Brent and Rob. You can't get enough 8- and 16-bit musical greatness. You have listened your way through the backlog of 157 episodes of the LEGACY MUSIC HOUR including the bonus episodes several times now and you can't get rid of the feeling that something is missing in your life. For what ever reason, the LMH has become an important part of your existence and the thought that there won't be any new material stirs up this pain in your head and/or stomach.

Look no further.

This platform has only one mission. To promote and acclaim the LMH-Podcast and to gather - with the help of the "users" - possible ways to bring it back in one form or another. If you have any idea how to make this possible, please use this platform to promote it. My goal is to provide a collection of possible rescue-missions to revive what we all have grown to love as well as to amass further options on how to continue the Double-Dragon Boiz's quest for video game score gold.

So let's see how this goes. I will do whatever I can to contact Brent, Rob, the Nerdist / Chris Hardwick or whoever else can make a continuation or spin-off possible.

Just for starters, I want to throw in a couple of ideas:

- I myself are totally willing to pay for new episodes. So if money is an issue, I'm sure something can be done. Users, would you be willing to pay (let's say 1 Dollar) for each new episode? (Please participate in the survey on the right hand side of the screen.)

- Is perhaps kickstarter a thing to think about in this context?

- We know that one of the reasons for the end of the podcast was Brent's schedule. Creating an episode was such a time-consuming process that he just couldn't continue in that manner without risking a lack of quality (which we also know was not a possible option for him). So how could the show go on without him having to put in so many hours for producing a single episode? Fewer musical tracks per episode? Recording several episodes at once? A call for highly professional (in accordance with the Weinbach standard) help in the editing department?

I would love us users to be able to help Brent and Rob to revive or at least celebrate the LMH so please contribute your ides in the comment section. Further (and only with the approval of Brent and Rob) I want to start a collection of LMH-MEMORABILIA on this site. Anything that comes to mind is highly appreciated.

Finally I'd like to state that I am not affiliated to the LMH or NERDIST. I am just a fan who wants his favorite podcast back and if this is not possible to at least take a trip down memory lane. And I'm not a native speaker of English so please excuse mistakes and errors and feel free to correct the writing on this page. This is highly appreciated.