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When you're reading this, you know what's up. The greatest podcast ever is over for quite a while now. Still you feel this urge for more. You crave the laid-back attitude and calm but insightful discussions between Brent and Rob. You can't get enough 8- and 16-bit musical greatness. You have listened your way through the backlog of 157 episodes of the LEGACY MUSIC HOUR including the bonus episodes several times now and you can't get rid of the feeling that something is missing in your life. For what ever reason, the LMH has become an important part of your existence and the thought that there won't be any new material stirs up this pain in your head and/or stomach.

Look no further.

This platform has only one mission. To promote and acclaim the LMH-Podcast and to gather - with the help of the "users" - possible ways to bring it back in one form or another. If you have any idea how to make this possible, please use this platform to promote it. My goal is to provide a collection of possible rescue-missions to revive what we all have grown to love as well as to amass further options on how to continue the Double-Dragon Boiz's quest for video game score gold.

So let's see how this goes. I will do whatever I can to contact Brent, Rob, the Nerdist / Chris Hardwick or whoever else can make a continuation or spin-off possible.

Just for starters, I want to throw in a couple of ideas:

- I myself are totally willing to pay for new episodes. So if money is an issue, I'm sure something can be done. Users, would you be willing to pay (let's say 1 Dollar) for each new episode? (Please participate in the survey on the right hand side of the screen.)

- Is perhaps kickstarter a thing to think about in this context?

- We know that one of the reasons for the end of the podcast was Brent's schedule. Creating an episode was such a time-consuming process that he just couldn't continue in that manner without risking a lack of quality (which we also know was not a possible option for him). So how could the show go on without him having to put in so many hours for producing a single episode? Fewer musical tracks per episode? Recording several episodes at once? A call for highly professional (in accordance with the Weinbach standard) help in the editing department?

I would love us users to be able to help Brent and Rob to revive or at least celebrate the LMH so please contribute your ides in the comment section. Further (and only with the approval of Brent and Rob) I want to start a collection of LMH-MEMORABILIA on this site. Anything that comes to mind is highly appreciated.

Finally I'd like to state that I am not affiliated to the LMH or NERDIST. I am just a fan who wants his favorite podcast back and if this is not possible to at least take a trip down memory lane. And I'm not a native speaker of English so please excuse mistakes and errors and feel free to correct the writing on this page. This is highly appreciated.



  1. This is a very sweet and flattering gesture. Would LMH mixtapes be something that satiate your appetite for LMH? Mixtapes would be music only mixes of all the episodes and they would be released once a week or so, starting with Episode 1. Or do you want full on regular style LMH episodes?

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    2. Brent - ultimately, we'd like to see you guys return to form, even if it's only like once a month or so. However, as a stop-gap, the mix tapes would be nice! Although I was planning to take the mixtape approach with Nerd Noise and it'll make people think I'm copying you. :-)

      Still, bring on the mix-tapes for now (heck, maybe you can release a fresh new episode once a month, and release like two-four mix tapes a month as well), but we'd love to see you guys actually make a real comeback!


      -St. John from Des Moines - Nerd Noise Radio

  2. Wow, that was quick. Thanks for responding. Love the idea that you are still interested in lmh-matters. Concerning the question: I myself would both love mixtapes as well as new episodes. Eventually I'm just one guy so I guess it's up to the mass ofbusers and their feedback here or elsewhere. So users: please don't ignore this great chance! Voice your opinion here or on the lmh fb-page and make this thing a thing!

  3. Graeme-Tracker here, I'd love to see the mixtapes! They would be playing constantly...I'm already going back and doing some of that myself, so I would be all in favor of it!

    1. Graeme,
      I put LMH on hold after I heard the final episode. But I just heard your Karaoke yesterday. It made me so happy! I loved the in-jokes and harmonies and everything. ("KOHN-DO" made me laugh the most, since I have given Brent and Rob unsolicited pointers on Japanese pronunciation on multiple occasions).

      Since the final episode, I'd been wanting to do a LMH rap song(using VGM, of course), but I figured I missed my window. But you've inspired me; maybe I will.

    2. Hi, What Karaoke are we talking about? Perhaps we can post some links on this site? Seems to be VGM related.

      Thanks, Markus


    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  5. If LMH returns, perhaps you guys could consider getting an LMH Patreon account -

    I guess the way is works is, you get contributors (similar to kickstarter) and every time you update, you get some of the donations. It's sort of like kickstarter but on a smaller scale. I think that would be a better idea than charging a flat fee per episode.

    Whether LMH makes a full-fledged comeback or not, I would definitely love some mixtapes!


  6. Brent or Rob can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the real problem with the show isn't the amount of money to be lost or gained, but rather the irretrievable amount of time each episode requires. When I was in Los Angeles in August Brent really laid out the whole process of putting together each episode to me. They discussed this in the last few episodes, but not with the amount of detail that Brent did with me on that day. When he finished his explanation my thought was "wow, I really really don't blame you." I didn't want to come to this conclusion, because it's no exaggeration to say I am one of the biggest fans of the show. I was one of the few users that actually was able to guest on a regular episode, and that was and is huge for me. But I had to sadly concede to Brent that he was right, he was doing too much work, as was Rob, and they both deserved a break. And still do.

    Don't forget, Brent and Rob are not married to this show. They both have extremely full, busy lives outside of LMH that do consist of important things. And all of them are time consuming. If they need to tend to that stuff right now, then so be it. The good news is, whether it's as a mixtape or a real reboot of the show, I fully trust their decision making process and everything will happen at the right time, when it's supposed to. That's good enough for me. In the meantime, download some soundtracks on your own, use what you learned from the greats in your own life. And I'm pretty sure that Rob and Brent both would be happy to answer any question you have about what you're hearing, because chances are one of them has heard it already.

  7. Good write up, You Eight It.

    Also, great website as well. I have been listening to lots of the past episodes lately and there truly isn't any other podcast like this one. Brent and Rob are genuine, laid-back, and once in a while have fun with their conversations in-between tracks. It's all feels very natural!

    As much as I (and many of the users on this site) would love to see the return of LMH, I can also see how much time, care and effort it takes into putting together each episode every week. A break after 150+ episodes is very well deserved.

    I think for now, mixtapes of the episodes would be amazing. My favorites would definitely be the Best of Year In Review since they compile all the best tracks of the past LMH year. If LMH does come back with regular episodes, I wouldn't mind having one episode month either!

    Merch and memorabilia sounds awesome. Sign me up. I'd love a nicely designed LMH sticker or t-shirt to wear.

  8. If it did come down to money, something like Patreon would allow you to accept payment on a per episode basis as opposed to Kickstarter which is a set amount for a project. I know some VGM personalities on YouTube like Smooth McGroove use this and when say even 50 people all commit to $1 per episode, whenever an episode releases then each person's account would get charged that $1 and it'd go to the LMH. Whether it's for production costs or whatever. Get a few hundred and that's how much you get per episode. Food for thought anyway and it allows we the consumer to pick our own level of commitment.

  9. i would pay a subscription fee to help bring back LMH. It was such a high quality program, especially towards the end, that it could seriously energize my week.

    as for mixtapes I made some playlists for myself based on a couple of the episodes and it took me like an hour each. Hopefully the Double Dragon Boys have a good filing system and it wouldn't take them as long, but I would LOVE to see them.

    Lastly, if you miss LMH, there are ways to keep its spirit present in your life, which is by continuing to explore VGM and by following the comedy of Brent Weinbach's Youtube channel and Rob Villalobos' new podcast. A reunion would be a "Kills It Moment" though.

    1. Hi, can you provide a URL to the new podcast of the Switch? That would be great, thanks.

    2. OK, I just found it.

  10. Hey guys, I think it's really really cool to see this many people want to bring The Legacy Music Hour back. You may know me as "Family Jules" as the LMH guys have mentioned me on their show when I would either send them a listener response or a request. Anyways, I'm not trying to sound like an advertisement here and I do see that your hope is to have some sort of spin-off show if not the entire LMH show back but I do have a podcast called The Retro Relapse Podcast and Brent and Rob are a huge inspiration to it. My show isn't identical to the Legacy Music Hour, but it does have some similar elements. The Retro Relapse Podcast is a show where friends come together to review and discuss various movies, music and video games from the past along with playing retro trivia and classic video game music. We crack jokes and have fun while we do this so from fellow listener to fellow listener, I promise my show will not let you down. On top of that, we recently had an interview with VGM Composer Matt Furniss who also was interviewed on LMH!!! Please download and let us know your thoughts at

  11. Rotz, you made the best subtitle ever for the best platform to bring back the best podcast ever made featuring the best music ever made. Just thought you should know.

    I too would love more episodes, but as You Eight It! pointed out, I get that the primary problem was the amount of time spent on crafting each installment. For what it's worth, though, I personally wouldn't mind if LMH episodes were 1) of indeterminate, variable length instead of a committed hour, 2) featured fewer chiptunes per cast, and/or 3) were not released on a weekly schedule. Remember the "For the Lovers" bonus? If Brent and Rob chose only one or two tracks to discuss, like they did for that release -- and even without a theme! -- I would be super satisfied if it meant they could continue making new material. Anybody else feel this way?

    And just to throw it out there, I would definitely buy a t-shirt that said any of the following things: "the street fighter influence," "an RPG kinda guy," "pound for pound," or "a situational situation." I would also wear a t-shirt that featured a pixelated image of a sad elephant or a parade of Rambos getting rained on. The Legacy Music Hour logo across the back shoulders would bring the whole thing together.

  12. Thanks for the praise, keyglyph. I'm totally with you on the 3 suggestions. "For the lovers" was great and even short stuff like that would make the fans happy. Concerning your merch-ideas check "Level 8" for a further discussion.

  13. I recently posted this on LMH, but this seems like a good place as well:

    In the absence of the LMH, a friend and I over at Rainwave (the online video game radio station) have started a video game music podcast called the Super Rainwave Podcast. We've recorded 4 episodes so far. We don't have a website yet, but you can download and comment over at