Monday, March 3, 2014


Hi there!

Pretty much stuff going on in the comments section of Level 1. Users griffin and You Eight It! kind of support Brent and Rob’s timeout, hoping for stuff to happen when they have re-gathered strength. Fair enough, but definitely not a reason to cease fan activity on this site. Please be reminded of the call for user-stories in Level 3 (Revenge of Columns) and send in guest posts whenever you like.

User Alan Scott promoted the “Patreon” thing again but I still had no time to check it out. Is this something, the LMH has to set up, or can one of the users (perhaps Alan Scott himself or me) do it for them?

Already 12 people have opted to pay 1 Dollar for each new episode of the LMH, so financing is not a thing made up out of thin air, especially taking into consideration the number of unreported cases (who clicks on a survey anyhow?).

User griffin further seconds the idea of LMH-merchandise. So here is another call for help:

- Who can come up with a great t-shirt or sticker design?
- Who knows a place to have them done (in small numbers at first with the possibility to re-order stuff later) and shipped?

Brent, Rob – I’m sure you’re reading this! ;-) – or somebody with insight into the copyright/trademark situation: How does this work in a case like this? Can people use new material which is modelled after the stuff which is to be found on the LMH website (like the logo)? Or does it have to be like all official stuff and only the LMH CEOs can do stuff like sell tees with their logo?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to earn a single dollar for myself here. The stuff would only be created to support the cause. Any surplus money would go straight to the LMH funding account (which still has to be created, I suppose?)

As you can see, there is a lot we can do and even more to take into consideration. Keep on bringing them comments and opinions, partake in the survey, comment on the LMH FB-page, do whatever you can to support this quest for The Return of the Legacy Music Hour.

User pendaflux mentioned the Switch’s new podcast and I have to admit, that I was not yet familiar with it. Shame on me. But I obviously am going to instantly subscribe to it and tune in. So if you want to check it out, you will find it on and I added it to this blog’s blogroll. As for Brent’s other stuff besides the LMH, (which is mostly comedy and totally hilarious!), check out or just search for him on YouTube.

Thanks, Markus


  1. First of all, can you take this interface off of the German setting? It's a tiny bit confusing when I try to navigate. Then again, it's kind of fun, so whatever.

    Secondly, there is an LMH funding account. On their blogspot, there is a "donate now" button.

    Sorry, though, no graphic skills here.

    1. Hi. Sorry for the German interface thingy. I thought it would automatically switch to each participant's default language setting. I am going to try to find the according settings.

      The funding button is great news (to me anyway). Don't know why I didn't see it earlier. But then the users should'nt randomly donate money. A more focused financial happening geared towards the Save the LMH campaign might create more of a buzz.

      I am currently waiting for a response from the LMH Execs so let's see how that goes. Until then, thanks for the comment!