Friday, March 7, 2014


Here’s the summary of what happened in the last couple of days. Preview: I received an email from Brent!

But first of all I eventually switched the setting for the blog to English. Sorry for the German stuff. I thought it would do the (Rob F.) Switching automatically if you access from the US. Kinda thought it would be like 2014 or something. Whatever.

Facts and figures: 16 people voted for the 1 Dollar thingy so far! 486 visitors to the blog in general.

Then: Famous user Family Jules (mentioned in several episodes by Brent and/or Rob) wrote a comment promoting his Retro Relapse Podcast ( which I had not yet had time to listen to but which seems to be VGM oriented and thus worth a try. Check it out. Perhaps it can appease the urge for the real thing.

I just listened to episode 147 “Golf Games” again and was reminded that (besides the fact that LMH is jam) the guys sometimes mention a user Nick who apparently helped Brent to find information about the tracks. Who is this Nick? Does he know about this rescue mission? Can he help us? Whoever has the inside scoop, please speak up.

What about the other users who made it into the LMH hall of fame? Sentimental? Gabe? Ed? These are just some of the names that came to mind. Please don’t be sad if I didn’t mention you, special user. Speak up instead and support the cause.

So finally: Brent’s mail. I had asked about three main points:

Funding, Merchandise and how we can support non-LMH projects.

He basically answered as follows (I don’t want to copy paste what he wrote since this was a private conversation):

The pay-per-episode thing is not going to work since the main issue is (as we already know) time, not money. So we may cease activities in that direction. This also means that I am going to quit the current survey about the 1 Dollar funding and replace it with something else. He as well (as was already pointed out by user pendaflux) mentioned the donate-button on the LMH site and said that they would still be glad to accept donations.

About the merchandise, Brent said that it’s fine with them “if one of the users wants to design shirts or whatever”. He explained that a possible solution would be one of the users dealing with the selling and shipping and donating surplus income (if any) to the LMH.

Finally he mentioned his comedy album “Mostly Live” which can be purchased from his website or via iTunes ( I don’t have it yet but totally gonna buy it asap.

There we go fellow users. No obstacles for “Mission Merchandise”. As far as I understood it, we can design stuff ourselves, sell it and thereby make money to donate to the LMH. I’m still not sure about using the trademark LMH-logo, though.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned!


  1. After receiving further information from Brent, two things can be added to the post above: The LMH is not the mafia ;-) , so not ALL of the possible income from merch sells - after costs are recuperated - but only a quarter will do as a donation. Obviously whoever puts up with organizing a merch sell shall not remain empty handed.

    AND: (and that's great news in my opinion)

    The LMH-logo and anything else may be used!

    So who is willing to get creative?


  2. Hey everyone! I'm new on here. Anyways I used to listen to Legacy Music Hour all the time, you may know me as "Family Jules" as the LMH guys have mentioned me on their show when I would either send them a listener response or a request. I do have a podcast called The Retro Relapse Podcast and Brent and Rob are a huge inspiration to it. My show isn't identical to the Legacy Music Hour, but it does have some similar elements. The Retro Relapse Podcast is a show where friends come together to review and discuss various movies, music and video games from the past along with playing retro trivia and classic video game music. We crack jokes and have fun while we do this so from fellow listener to fellow listener, I promise my show will not let you down. On top of that, we recently had an interview with VGM Composer Matt Furniss who also was interviewed on the Legacy Music Hour!!! So ya, hopefully you like our stuff. We are definitely wanting to build a community fan basis.

  3. Hey Markus,
    Thank you for remembering Sentimental in San Gabriel. That is me! I'm going to check out the Family Jules podcast w/ Matt Furniss now.

    About T-shirt designs. What if we used one of the designs that already exist? If we could get the permission of the artists behind some of that fan art, maybe?

  4. Hi Sentimental!
    It's great to hear from a LMH celebrity such as you. Is there any specific fan art you have in mind? Perhaps we could provide a platform on this blog to collect the artworks so that they can be browsed in one place. I'm not sure if I would be able to trace them all since they are somewhat scattered about the place on the LMH site.

    Any ideas?

  5. the fan art I'm thinking of is pretty easy to get to. It's in Photos on their facebook page, and there are four of them in a row that were posted towards the end of the show and after it was over.

    I like the one where it has the little double dragon characters on their shoulders, but they all look cool.