Saturday, March 1, 2014

LEVEL 3 (Revenge of Columns)

Wow, thanks to the LMH people posting this blog’s first entry on their FB-site, the comments section of Level 1 just went through the roof!

People seem to be ecstatic about the thought of LMH making mixtapes available, somebody came up with a clever suggestion concerning the funding thematic (‘Patreon’ was suggested, which I didn’t know yet, but which I am totally gonna check out) and the person who was on the show as a guest (perhaps Michael from episode 148, but I’m not sure) wrote a longer comment about how the boys’ schedule is all like crammed and doesn’t allow podcasting even if they wanted to.

This is awesome and a great success for the cause since it shows that there are actually users out there who don’t just read this and say to themselves “Yeah, good idea bringing back the show but fuck you, I’m not gonna write a comment or contribute in any way since you know, like, meh. Right?” but who are willing to write a comment and use their precious time to think about LMH-related stuff.

Further, already 8 [sic!] people have participated in the little survey and it turns out, all of them clicked “Totally dude!” which is another little success story on it’s own.

Yesterday I came up with three fun ways to show the users’ eagerness and the strength of the LMH-fandom. My idea is to open up the blog for guest posts, so if any of y’all might wanna say something in the form of a primary blog entry instead of just some comment down there, you can send your post to me via mail and I’m totally gonna upload it asap as a guest post (only if pro LMH obviously).

So here is what I have in mind might work as a guest post:

1. Fan art. You created something which can be uploaded on this site and relates to the LMH? Cartoon/Drawing/Podcast/Video/Powerpoint/LMH-VINE/etc.? Keep it coming. It’s gonne be up there for the world to see.

2. Your first-contact story. How did you encounter the show? Which was your first episode? Why did you go on listening?

3. Share your (reason to) love. What is it in your opinion, that makes the show great and justifies/makes totally necessary a continuation?

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