Sunday, October 19, 2014


I just went through random stuff that came down my facebook chute and this happened:

My head immediately exploded. (8-bit) kittens and rainbows and stuff covered my walls and ceiling. Here is a quote from the sacred scipture on the official website dated October 15th 2014:
"Due to increasing demand, Brent and Rob have decided to start recording new Legacy Music Hour episodes, to be released once a month. Possible bonus new episodes may be released every now and then as well. So with the new episodes, along with the mixtapes put together by KeyGlyph every other week, LMH users will get at least three downloads a month! That's almost one download every week. The first of the new Legacy Music Hour episodes is planned to come out in early November, so stay posted."
I'm super happy and can honestly say that we here at Save the Legacy Music Hour headquarters had nothing to do with this development whatsoever. I mean here I was, relistening and relistening to the old episodes of the show and eagerly awaiting any of the LMH-mixtapes by superfan keyglyph (thanks btw. dude!) while whining about the end of the show here on this pathetic blog and than casually the LMH-execs slip in some earth(-bound) shattering news ("hardcore nice move!").
Research revealed that the "final" episode of the initial run was uploaded October 30th 2013. I see what you did there! Taking a year off to increase the need in the fandom and than bursting back into the masses of starved out fanboys. Compared to a LMH revival, the announcement of a new Star Wars in 2015 looks like a trailer for Fast and Furious 15.
Anyway, I am totally psyched and have loads of questions:

- will they continue with an episode 158 or will they start into a new era? the LMH 2.0?
- are they going to revisit some of their favorite topics (elevator, racing, new age, ...) or are they going to hit us with all new content?
- what do the guys think about "Shovel Knight"?
- are they going to discuss this new wave of legacy music documentations:

-- Diggin' in the carts (weirdly enough produced by Red Bull)
-- BEEP (promoted by Alberto J. González!)
-- The Player's Score (promoted by Jeremy Soule!)

of which only the first one is as yet available and which is in my opinion totally brilliant

Whatever the future will bring, knowing that Brent and Rob will be a part of it is like getting Rob to join Brent for a night with the Chippendales ("come on, it'll be fun!") or getting Brent to eventually acknowledge "that Street Fighter influence" in basically every track!

Thank You!