Monday, March 24, 2014


An update from LMH fan activities:

Somebody opted for “Would even pay more to support the LMH.” on the current survey and it wasn’t me. That’s great. Unfortunately though, further activities by users have sort of dropped below Rob’s waistline and can be found alongside the monster in his pocket. (Fair enough, this one was far-fetched.) Only 5 people participated in the survey which sort of makes me feel a little insecure about bulk producing LMH shirts.

On the other hand I got an (unsigned) email from the LMH mail account which says that if "an RPG kinda guy" was made into a shirt, it should definitely have Rob's face on it. This is obviously what we would have done anyway what with Rob always going on and on about his Secret of Mana playthrough experiences and how he loves talking to a bunch of villagers for hours.

On the pro side a user with the nick JHA approached me with a cool idea. He suggested making a fan-podcast. I’m not exactly sure about the format of such a show but in his opinion some fans could get together (via Skype perhaps?) and do some sort of LMH-tribute show. Maybe present some VGM tunes? He even offered to take care of the technical stuff and editing!

I think that’s a great idea and I want to thank JHA for this contribution.

So whoever is interested in such a thing, speak up. Perhaps we can get something up and running here. I listen to other podcasts and some of them regularly include guest speakers via Skype. It’s not brilliant but it works well enough.

JHA, I am willing to contribute as much as I can from where I am. Joining the cast might be somewhat tricky due to the time difference. But perhaps I can support with setup and organizational issues, setting up a blog or site, you name it. And if recording the podcast is going to take place during your wee hours I might even join in. What do YOU think about a tribute podcast? Let us know in the comment section or via mail.

Best, Markus


  1. Update: Apparently I got JHA (who turns out to be famous LMH-user 'Sentimental'!) all wrong. What he actually suggested was users sending vgm cues to a specific topic to some central place, like himself and he edits them together to some new kind of vgm-track which then can be either uploaded or shared among the contributing users as a zip file.
    Sounds cool to me. Although the tribute podcast thing perhaps isn't such a bad idea after all.

    Join the conversation and play your part in what future generations are probably going to be calling "the biggest, like, fan thingy to bring back something nerdy since those guys brought back Star Trek way back in last century's sixties".

    1. I like both ideas. Users sending in a track each to fit some sort of theme that gets edited together for distribution -- maybe with a short explanation paragraph from every contributor included in a readme? -- would be really fun, and relatively easy. It also helps that someone has already committed to take charge! (Pretty cool that it's Sentimental himself, too.) I would love to be a contributor to that project if it gets moving.

      But a crowdsourced VGM podcast in LMH's style would be cool too, if it were possible. You'd need someone to be a real leader in coordinating the effort, though, who's familiar with that sort of thing (which is not me, unfortunately). Keep us posted if someone turns up!