Wednesday, March 12, 2014


User activity was kinda slow which I hope was not due to my “heartbreaking“/whiny story in “Level 7”.

Anyways, we received a nice comment from user keyglyph (Level 1) who not just made a few good suggestions on how to improve the investment/jam ratio per (hypothetic) future episode but who also officially volunteered to be head of the LMH-merchandising department by suggesting cool one-liners from the show to go on the front of potential shirts/mugs/storefronts.

So keyglyph, here is your chance! Step up, do some designing and put it here for users to vote for. If your design wins, LMH-fans all over the world will have the chance to wear your idea as a shirt. How cool is that?

To keyglyph’s collection of timeless one-liners from the show:

- "the street fighter influence"
- "an RPG kinda guy"
- "pound for pound"
- "a situational situation"

I’d like to add:

- “it’s jam”
- “so you think you can street fighter”
- “I beat this game”


- “like a breeding machine” (this one came from Rob in one of the New Age episodes and it was related to some relaxing but also disturbing track from Mario Paint as far as I can remember)

Hey! Why don’t we collect the coolest one-liners from the show here on the blog? Just punch them in the comments section and I’ll collect them for a future post.

That’s it for today, CU, Markus


  1. If by "officially volunteered to be head of the LMH merchandising department" you mean "will make design suggestions like any other fan in the hopes that someone else will magic them into t-shirts," that I can do. I'm no designer. I just want LMH apparel. :)

    In terms of one-liners though, I completely forgot to add "Revenge of Columns" to the list, which you even put in the title of your third blog post. Whoops. I was also very fond of "Now you're cooking with power," which was in reference to the Power Glove oven mitt present they unwrapped during one episode.

  2. "will make design suggestions like any other fan in the hopes that someone else will magic them into t-shirts" SOUNDS GREAT! Thanks, Markus

  3. The thing that LMH said that I've found myself unwittingly adopting in my daily conversation is what I call "situation everything". Brent put "situation" or "sort of situation" after just about everything. I.e. we've got a sort of jazzy situation here, or that string situation, or whatever. I've found myself saying the same things. :-)

  4. I couldn't agree more. "Situation" became basically my wildcard for every single one of the following: "thing", "area", "realm", "approach", "matter", "business" and others. I even add it randomly into my sentences just as a filling word.

  5. How about:
    "You have officially been son'd."

    Rob sent me that after I swore that a Valis track he played was from a SNES and not a Mega Drive. I was so sure it didn't sound like a Mega Drive track, I found the game and played it until I got to that spot. He was right, and the above comment was his response when I admitted my folly.