Thursday, May 8, 2014


Today as I was browsing through my list of podcasts which I currently listen to, I came across the LMH again. I clicked it. The little text besides the latest episode said something like "latest update - half a year ago". I clicked the refresh button. The app showed me some tiny circling thingy which meant that the underlying algorithms tried to fetch more recent episodes. After a while the circling movement stopped. Nothing happened. There were no newer episodes available because there aren't any.

I remembered what I was doing and where I was, when I listened to this final episode. It was early in the morning on a weekday that it popped up in the podcast list. I had read about the end of the show before but did not have time to actualy listen to the episode and realize what was going on.
I was always a little behind with the listening, which (except for the fact that I could never vote on my favorite tracks) was not a big deal since the episodes are timeless. Up until that point I only subconsciously knew what was going on but this morning I decided to listen to episode #157. Even before I arrived at work I had already listened to about the first half of it.
Then there were some useless and unproductive hours of work but my mind was always fixed on the fact that there was only this second hour of the podcast left before I had listened to all of it. For ever.
I didn't go to lunch with my colleagues that day but instead put on my headset and went for a walk. I listened and walked for over and hour which is way more than my usual lunch break but I didn't care. When they played the ZELDA Staff Role track I was close to tears.

Then I went back to work but nothing was like it used to be.


So obviously I am very happy about the latest user comment by keyglyph (LEVEL 11) who announced that he is in contact with Brent and apparently became the official LMH-Mixtape Ambassador!

He wrote:

"We don't know when they'll be released or how, so we can't promise a timeline or anything. But maybe it'll just be comforting to know that it's being worked on. :)"

THANK YOU KEYGLYPH! THANK YOU LMH-EXECUTIVES! I can assure you that it is indeed very comforting to maybe one day click on the refresh button of my podcast app and there will be something new from THE LEGACY MUSIC HOUR PODCAST!


As a side-note: I currently listen to "The Soundcast - The Official Podcast of" (LINK) which is nice and well made and is about contemporary Film, Game and TV-Soundtracks, which I also like very much. It is entertaining and worth a listen. Not quite the comedic and VGM-Gold that was the LMH but then, what is?

Further I very much like "Cashing in with TJ Miller" (LINK) and "Mission Log" (LINK) which are both available on (the brandnew and awesome as always) as well. Check them out! They are great.

So long, Markus

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